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Anonymous asked: I am not okay why did you propose that murder scenario

I DON’T KNOW I REGRET SO MUCH but like the more you think about it, the less it holds up, so yeah

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hotladypants replied to your post:GIRLS PLZ

He he he

Why…what are you he-ing at over there. Please god do not tell me they are actual serial killers….or that instead of hunting dudes they’re taking the girls…

"Don’t you look like a virgin sacrifice" shit-kicking SON of a bitch if this is a story about how Danny Lawrence, champion and prepared vessel of blood thirsty elder gods, accidentally went and started crushing on the girl she was supposed to be grooming as an offering, THEN I WILL LOSE MY GODDAMN MIND all I wanted was dumb party girljock monster hunters, that’s all I ask for in this life god

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Okay so like I always thought the Adonis Hunt and Festival was kind of interesting—okay, a lot interesting, like the rest of the Summer Society, but I mean the name, because you’d think it’d be the Artemis Hunt, right? And I mean Adonis is a god of love, beauty, and death/rebirth, not hunting (like he was supposedly good at hunting but you know it’s not his thing). Two options other than the obvious straightforward monster hunt arise:

  1. Wikipedia does say "His religion belonged to women: the dying of Adonis was fully developed in the circle of young girls around the poetSappho from the island of Lesbos, about 600 BC, as revealed in a fragment of Sappho’s surviving poetry.” So like lesbian fest gotcha, and
  2. Adonis…hunt…hunting…Adonis….oh my god is it. a literal manhunt PSYCHO SOCIETY OH MY GOD

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marzipanandminutiae asked: What country is Silas in? Because the best-known Styria is the region of Austria, but it seems that all of you speak English. Is it an area somewhere else named after the Austrian Styria?


We’re totally in Austria, but through some fluke of the admissions office, most of the students are international - and even the Austrian students here aren’t from the area.  Come to mention it, none of the locals seem to attend here, or come within twenty miles of the campus…  

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